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WELCOME! You've discovered the GED Tool Box and I'm so glad you're here! My name is Karen Condit and I am a GED instructor and tutor. I've enjoyed working in education for many years, but what I love the most is TEACHING ADULTS who are working on their GED. I'm constantly inspired by my students and their determination to give their education another chance. I appreciate that inspiration and I'm energized by it!

Feel free to snoop around and use the documents and links as you work on obtaining your GED. The TOOLS you'll find in this TOOL BOX are things that you may have heard in GED class or in tutoring. These TOOLS are reminders of things that you should "tatoo" in your brain so that you will be prepared and successful when you take your GED tests. Please use this class website to enhance the information you get from class or tutoring. This website is not a replacement for formal instruction, but it just might be helpful in jogging your memory while you're working on your own.

Here's how the site works:

  • Select a page from the list on the right that you think might be helpful.
  • When on your selected page, click on a topic for more detailed information.You'll find documents and links to websites designed to help you study and prepare for getting your GED. Be sure to watch the VIDEOS on the WRITING TOOLS page!!!
  • Check out the new MATH LESSONS PAGE. Here you will begin seeing videos of lessons we have in class.
  • You do not have to be a member to use this website, so explore, click, & learn.

PS: One more thing! There is adult ed tutoring on the 2nd & 4th Saturday mornings at Coker Methodist Church, 231 E. North Loop Road. We meet in Wesley Building, room 804 (on the second floor), from 10 to 12. See map below and join us.